What Does Love Look Like?

What Does Love Look Like?

Arms Wide Open by Misty Edwards

“What does love look like?” is the question I’ve been
“What does love look like?”
“What does love look like?” is the question I’ve been
Asking of You

I once believed that love was romance, just a chance
I even thought that love was for the lucky and the
I once believed that love was a momentary bliss
But love is more than this
All You ever wanted was my attention
All You ever wanted was love from me
All You ever wanted was my affections, to sit here at
Your feet

Then I sat down, a little frustrated and confused
If all of life comes down to love
Then love has to be more than sentiment
More than selfishness and selfish gain

And then I saw Him there, hanging on a tree, looking at
I saw Him there, hanging on a tree, looking at me
He was looking at me, looking at Him, staring through
I could not escape those beautiful eyes
And I began to weep and weep

He had arms wide open, a heart exposed

Arms wide open; He was bleeding, bleeding

Love’s definition, love’s definition was looking at me
Looking at Him, hanging on a tree
I began to weep and weep and weep and weep

This is how I know what love is, this is how I know
What love is

And as I sat there weeping, crying
Those beautiful eyes, full of desire and love

He said to me, “You shall love Me, You shall love Me
You shall love Me, You shall love Me”

With arms wide open, a heart exposed
With arms wide open, bleeding, sometimes bleeding

If anybody’s looking for love in all the wrong places
If you’ve been searching for love, come to Me, come to
Take up your cross, deny yourself
Forget your father’s house and run, run with Me
You were made for abandonment, wholeheartedness
You were made for someone greater, someone bigger, so
Follow Me
And You’ll come alive when you learn to die


Heading to Thailand Soon!

In just a few short days, I along with ten others will be traveling to Thailand. As I said in my recent post, we will be working in an orphanage(s), traveling to a village, helping out at a university with college students, doing a women’s ministry, and doing a prayer walk around the city. I have never left American soil, so I am beyond excited to walk on Thailand soil!

During these past few weeks our leader, Dr. Ed would ask each of us, “Use one word to describe how you are feeling about the trip.” One of the very first word to go was, “excited” so the rest of us would quickly think of a word and say, “pumped, thrilled, nervous, blessed, etc…” You had to shout out a word before someone would take it or else you would have to think really hard to find a word to describe how you were feeling. Now, if I would ask myself how I am feeling about the trip I would say, shocked, but in a good way. I cannot believe that my first semester as a freshman is just about over and I am traveling the whole way around the world in just a few short days. To be honest, it felt like it would never come! The only thing standing in my way are two papers and two finals then I am DONE my first semester of college! Back to why I chose the word, shocked. A few months ago, around November when I threw the idea out to my parents they were a little hesitated. My parents have been a little hesitated since I threw the idea out to them when I was in the sixth grade. Ever since I was in the sixth grade, I have felt called to over seas ministry. Do I know where. No. I have no idea! But, I enjoy it that way, at times, because it will be very exciting to see how God will open up doors, or close them. God has opened up an incredible opportunity to be able to travel to Thailand with an awesome group of people. I still cannot believe that I have such a great opportunity to be able to go across the globe and to share the gospel with those who need it. I am also speechless that all of our money came in, ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD. God is so good. That is all I have to say about that, because I am still in awe about it.

Please continue to be praying for my team as we prepare ourselves and as we all are finishing up our school work. I cannot believe that in a week from now, my journey will begin. My journey of a lifetime to a beautiful country with beautiful people.




I am not sure why but I love this photo that I took two years ago. I am not sure if it that the love I have for wonderful creatures God has put on this earth. Or, the fact that I picture myself being that little duckling, following Christ and what He has for me. Life is a stream, it is always flowing. There are going to be hard times and then it is going to be still.

Another thing that I see in this photo is the fact that after the leader, there is a ripple in the water. When we are following Christ, we need to letting the light flow through us, passing it on to this dark world.

I love this photo for the fact that you can put things into a different perspective.

I am thankful for beautiful pictures.