Where Has My Summer Gone?

Hello fellow bloggers. I have not been on for quite sometime, I have been pretty busy with work. Not that anyone really cares or really truly reads my blog. But, I just felt the need to throw that in there. 

As many are writing, fall semester is just around the corner, and I cannot believe it. Where has my summer gone?

Many upon many will be asking that. Some more than others. There are many out there, getting all ready for the big move in day. It is very exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. But, make it the time of your life. Now, that does not mean you have to drink or go to parties to have fun. Make life long friends, have memories, laugh, cry, but most importantly, learn. Now, that would seem like a duh kind of question, but many do not learn from their professors, their mentors, friends or even fellow classmates. This is a time to learn, to find out who we are or who we want to be. It is a time to grow, to make mistakes, to succeed, to laugh, to cry, to sleep (or what is of it), and to love.

College is a place where if you didn’t have the best high school experience to change that and have a clean plate for college. Be who you were made to be. Be the person maybe you want to be, a few changes here and there won’t hurt.

Now, my thoughts are just spilled into this web-post. I am sorry for my bad grammar and for thoughts that have just been thrown out there. It will get better, as it is only my second year in college, I hope to become more of a writer and reader. I love both, but it is a challenge at times to do either. Here’s to learning, laughing, making mistakes, and loving this year. Make the most of every moment.

Until next time.